Republic Day 2017 Welcome Speech In Hindi, English Language

Republic Day 2017 Welcome Speech In Hindi, English Language : Republic day is immense celebration for every Indian who is having his/her own rights which we got from our constitution of India, here we will provide you the best welcome speech for 26 January which is republic day in India. Constitution of India was written by the Great writer by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who was a brillient Real Indian. Republic is celebrated in all the govertment Places and in public Schools because we lift our flag and take pledge. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan from Abu Dhabi will be the honourable chief guest of this Republic Day 2017, on this we should have proud that he is coming to see how we celebrate our Republic day. Indian Parade and Army is world famous so he will really like and salute our culture and programs and the events venue will be the same that is Rashtrapati Bhavan which is in India, Delhi.


Welcome Speech of Republic Day In Hindi, English

When we goto the stage and began to speak that moment is call the welcome speech in this we honor the chief guest first and then all the teachers, students and other prople. After this we can start speaking whatever is our specch which you will get below. To make your speech more impressive you can ad a slogan (which is the short saying about India, Freedom Fighter) which will catch the audience attention and then you can began with you best words and anchoring. Do not speak the common lines which usually everyone picks try to make your speech special by adding the current achievements of India one of that is demonatisation which was initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it effected the whole country in a very positive way. This can be your topic and you can make prople aware that whatever they have lost, country will give them double.

Republic Day Welcome Speech For Teachers

Dear Chief  Guests and Principal, student and all dear friends, today is our 68th republic day and i please to give welcome speech of republic day in front of all. We all know that in 68 years how many thins and president cities and laws has been changed but if we talk about the strongest constitution of India, it is still the same and nothing has changes. Our country is on boon on economy and we should proud that we are Indian, we have a respectful culture and full of sanskar which teaches us to respect all, and have simple living with the high thinking which is now resulting, we are on heights. On this Republic day we will start with the Flag lifting after that we will start with the cultural events in which we have dance, singing and drama which will perform by the students, hope you will like 68th Independence day and i am thankful to this school who give the this inordinate opportunity to speak first. I hope you liked my welcome speech of Republic day 2017. Thank you!!

Republic Day Short Speech In Hindi


Last words: I hope you liked Republic day welcome speech in Hindi and English Languages, this article is to help students and teaches who are looking for the best welcome speech for Republic Day 2017 for school and colleges in multi languages. Here we covered the Hindi and English more languages speech will live shortly. 🙂

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Republic Day Welcome Speech In Hindi

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